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Contempo Builder

Contempo Builder LLC, headquartered in Katy, Texas, started in the summer of 2003 with the entrepreneurial skills of David Bohorquez and the project management background of Julio Fernandez. David came from a successful home building background in Venezuela and Julio from the Oil and Gas industry in Houston.

From their beginning as entrepreneurs in Texas, it was clear for both partners that Contempo Builder’s focus would be geared towards Real Estate and Construction, delivering innovative projects and thriving through the ups and downs of the industry.


Now, with over 15 years of experience, Contempo Builder has created a unique portfolio that varies from traditional subdivisions to modern and contemporary homes. We are dedicated to fulfilling the specific needs of the different areas in which we invest, giving as an end result, welcoming and innovative communities that align perfectly with our ongoing growth as a city.

This is part of the branding we helped to create for our friends at Contempo. Our project started by creating an innovation masterplan, which included redesigning the builder's website, launching their very own social media pages, creating unique content to build brand awareness, as well as improving their presence and reputation on local listings.

So far, our plan has helped Contempo Builder and their communities to grow 11% on their sales, meeting their goals and positioning their innovative and bold brand on the digital landscape of Houston's highly competitive residential market.

Visit their official site to learn what's ahead.

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Contempo Builder


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Innovation Consulting, Branding, Web Development, Social Media, Local Marketing


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