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Innovation consulting, branding, web development, social media, ads, SEM and local marketing

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Welcome to Ciigma,

world's first intelligent innovation agency.


You do,

we connect

Innovation is nothing more than the ability of connecting things. If there's something in common between Tesla, Jobs, Turing or Da Vinci, was their vision and how it led them to change the world. Those guys (and many more) inspired us to take this path in life.


Our very own creative process (intelligent innovation) was designed to achieve real and sustainable connections through a mix of science, art, culture and some secrets that we'll keep.

The name Ciigma comes after covalent bond Sigma (σ), the strongest of its kind. In chemistry, what makes this bond so resistant is the fact of sharing electrons between its atoms. So, taking this to the human level (enough science), the strongest connections are those that we share with someone else.

And there lies our mission: connect through correlation, unite through what we have in common.

Maybe you write books or own a business, perhaps you compose music or save lives: you're a doer. And that thing that you're passionate about is what you have to keep doing, because success comes after continuous good work. We will handle all the creative work to get you where you belong.

So that's us, for now.

Founded by


César Rondón

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CEO & Director. Passionate about innovation, creativity, intelligence, results and making the world a much better place. Since 2011, César and his team have helped over 150 businesses and entrepreneurs in 5 countries to achieve more than 300 successful projects.



Have a look at what we can do for your business.

Innovation Consulting

The backbone of our company. We learn from your business, do the creative thinking and deliver the next big step for your brand.

Social Media & Ads

 Being there posting is not enough. We create a plan, pick an audience, build relationships and bring results. Organic and sponsored.

Branding & Design

It goes way beyond a logo. Creating brands that catch hearts and minds, leaving a positive mark on people, that's something we love to do.

Motion Graphics

Looking for an outstanding way to showcase your brand? Put it in motion! Our team will guide you through.

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make it happen

At Ciigma, we're always open to help you get where you want to be. Don't hesitate about sharing your ideas, story or vision with us, we love hearing out people's minds and hearts.

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Ciigma USA Inc.

Houston, TX

United States

Tel: 832-533-7529

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Web Development

Your business deserves nothing but the best website, and we deliver it fast. Mobile versions and custom features

are included.

SEM & Local Marketing

If they search for your business, will they find you? Our dedicated team will get you to the first page and take care of your reputation.

App Development

Ready to take the big step? Let us guide the way and create 

iOS, Android and Web apps for your business. 

Looking for

something else?

We might have it, too. Innovation requires a handful of improvement and we're always onto it.



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